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Witam, kupiłem darowiznę za pośrednictwem telefonu komórkowego, odebrał pieniądze z mojego konta i nie otrzymałem żadnych monet premium. Proszę rozwiązać problem
Good morning Vallais

I feel im really in a dissadvantage as vanilla player on your server.
Im not sure if you saw my thread about trade botting but the market is just a place for players witha big stack of money.
have you ever tough of ways to make it more open in a sort of way?

Kind regards
Ok my message is kinda all over the place i agree xD
I basicly think there is botters of some sorts on the market that always outbit you by 1 gp.
These people have absolute huge cash stacks and can offer on almost all items selling for more then a mill.

As a new player there is no way for to get even some small purchases off on the market in the timespend a regular player has.
So my question was, is there an oppertunity to make the market more open to all players by for example limiting the amouth of offers,
Make it so we you cant offer annonymously so we can identify the big players or botters.
Unfortunately, we know there are bots buying/selling items instantly for best prices and so on, but we cannot remove this thingy until there's 10 client existing on (and this cannot be removed on OTs), since this will always be possible to do, and limiting such a thing as amount of offers is just ridiculous too.