Rookgaard - make this island great again


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Aug 17, 2019
Here are some tibia monsters that I suggest to add:

- Salamander

Aquatic - Crab

Bird - ALL! <lol>

Construct - Stone golem

Dragon - Hatchling, Dragon lord hatchling,

Fey - Wisp (just a few would be awesome, moon backpack awaits! :D)

Giant - Cyclop, Cyclops Drone

Human - Hunter, Valkyrie, Wild Warrior, Amazon, Smuggler, Bandit, all pirates, Poacher, Gang Member, Gladiator, Nomad, Adventurer

Humanoid - Minotaur Guard, Frost Troll, Elf, Elf scout, Dwarf, Dwarf Soldier, Swamp Troll, Island Troll, Goblin Leader, Troll Champion(lol), Troll Guard, corym?

Magical - Gargoyle?, Rorc,

- almost all from list...

Plant - Swampling

Reptile - Cobra, Crocodile, Tortoise,

Slime - -||-

Undead - Ghoul, Vampire

Vermin - Scorpion, Larva, Rotworm & Carrion Worm, Terramite, Slug, Emerald Damselfly.

I can even edit map by myself, for free ofc... Just contact me via PM here or email at: [email protected]
Peace! ;)