Rookgaard - make this island great again


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Jun 18, 2019

Gunzodus currently is in his best shape. We get update after update, server is constantly improved. But how about Rookgaard? I belive there is a lot of Rook players, fans of a bit slower gameplay just waiting for changes. Some of these changes can be implement at once, some of them require longer time to work on. In this post i will try to present both kind of changes divided into two steps of Rookgaard improvment.

Step 1 - the most urgent changes

1. prevent Rookstayers from joining Last Man Standing and Deathmatch event
- If PvP is working on Rook, non vocation players cannot have opportunity to trade items from Main. I have Rookstayer in top 10 experience, im wearing plate set and dragon lance ( currently best items) and there is nothing more annoying than fighting with other Rooker, 40 levels lower than me, but equipped with demon set and assassin stars or something like that. (i remind you, that blesses are also needed on Rook, good luck gaining at least 40k gold)
Otherwise just turn off PvP on Rookgaard.

2. Depo - allow Rookstayers to keep their items safe. There is 2 trade rooms on Rookgaard, one below temple and one on "PACC zone". In the same time by giving Rookers depo we have to block market for obvious reasons (look at point one). Rookers can also have their own market but that is the song of future.

3. Houses - why only "main players" can have this privilege? There are already few rooms that are not occupied by any NPC or quest and can be used as houses for players (yellow circles on the map). For new houses there is perfect zone close to town (red circle "A" zone) that can be built-up and currently absolutely useless "B" zone where used to start newcomers.

4. New exp zones - there are few places where players have no access or they are just empty. Without big effort they can be change into new places to hunt. For example there is big several levels spider cave ("A" circle) that can be filled with tarantulas, terramites or something like that. Under graveyard east of the town ("B" circle) is located inaccessible maze, perfect for skeletons (common, warrior, maybe one demon) spawn. For great spawn of Dragon we could use Copper shield quest cave. I'm waiting for your propositions of new hunt zones :)


5. Allow players to speak under 50 lvl! This is just killing Rookgaard. By fighting with dicers and advertisers we just hit communication, trade and cooperation on Rook. How about prevent people from speaking on public chats under some lvl and in the same time allow them using local chat?

Step 2 - wish list
This step is limited only by our imagination. I'm going to list for you some of my ideas (feel free to share yours in the comment)

1. New quests
There is few places just asking for quests. For example we could put teleport to larger Orc resp bellow Orc Fortress (in room with Orc Marauder and Orc Rider) leading to some reward. Another example is Mino tp located in Mino Hell behind Minotaur Mage's room. At the end of quest list is of course finished Spike Sword Quest :)

2. Access to new outfits (like Norseman, first Knight addon - just by adding some dwarfs and Huge Chunk of Crude Iron as a reward from quest. Anything that doesnt require killing demons ;) )

3. Achievements (for doing quests, reaching high levels etc)

4. More Exp Zones by adding new caves and islands. Dwarf Mine, Pirate Island, Slim Cave, Mino City - these are few examples

5. Replace open PvP by special duel arenas

6. Raids on Rook

7. Events
similar to those from Main (zombie event, deathmatch etc)

I hope i'll start discussion about Rookgaard changes, what's your opinion about that? Would you play on improved Rook? Maybe you have your own ideas? Let me know about it! And dont be afraid of loosing players from Main, Gunzodus is having constantly 600 - 1200 players online! If we could have just 50 on Rook it would be crowd :)

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May 24, 2019
I apologize that I forgot on this topic, I'm gonna focus on this content probably next weeks when it won't be as hot (hopefully), and let's see what we can bring to Rookgaard soon ;)