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I would like to present you an advertising.

el desco

Apr 9, 2020
Good morning gm. I would like to present you an advertising proposal for the server. it would be a very good way to attract new users to it or entertain the community. Bonus players who cast online free. as well as bonuses to players who use client 12. I know that the sum of these 2 bonuses would be a problem. but I would like to know what you think about the publicity you would get by having cast players.



Active member
Jun 11, 2019
Client 12 users:

gunzodus - 20% exp bonus
ezodus - 30% exp bonus + 20% loot boost (still dont understand why gunzodus dsnt have it).

Cast users on 10 and 12 client (without password) - 5% exp bonus

Thats the actually bonuses on servers so I guess you didn't know about them.