Dwarven Legs Quest + Firewalker Boots Quest


Jun 3, 2019
Hiya guys, recently i've received quite a lot questions about Dwarven Legs Quest so i've decided to make this wanna be a tutorial. And sorry for my english :p.

1) To do this quest you have to have at least 100 level (recommended lvl 130~), Golden Mug, shovel or substitute of this.

2) We start our quest in Yalahar depot and follow this map.

3) There we talk with npc Maris, Hi > Fenrock > Yes.
4) Next we're transported to the island where we go to the underground and follow maps.

5) At this crack we use our shovel or multitool http://prntscr.com/pf7z1h.
Keep going till you'll go down twice and follow this track.

here we go twice upstairs.

Here we gonna meet few dragons.
6) And here we meet Pythius The Rotten TP Room .
7) That's the transcription for access to area quest with decent spawn of dragon lords.
8) Proceed to the teleport and keep in mind that every time you leave this area you have to give him another mug.

9) And that's our TP and that's the area of fight.
Keep in mind that boss may spawn 2 gladiators.
10) At moment of death of boss you'll be tped to treasure room where u can grab bag with dwarven legs and firewalker boots. BOOM!

PS. Sorry for the url links but for some reason site is getting crashed for me while im trying to add them.​