Apr 20, 2020
I never try to get dominando as pendejo HSK said, he does dominando everywhere, same in fortnite, he was always beating me 5:0 in fortnite aswell (btw hello @jeferson). I don't dare to play chess against pendejo HSK, I bet he would beat me 5:0 as he always does in any game that I play against him... :unsure:
I mean, on every server ever dominando means that RL life suffers. I mean, who can ánd work/study, ánd have RL life, ánd dominando? no one me thinks :/
May 10, 2020
Mozani brate, don't bother with people like trampek, szoffer...

It's so funny that they talk so much and still don't know what Tibia is or how to play it.

When they killed me on 700+ EK, like 10 ppl msged me and said "SPAMULEC XDDDD", that's how clueless they are about this game, they don't know only way to kill 700+ EK with 10 ppl is on spam (2x waves izi temple for ek) so it's not even worth to answer them.

They were killing me with like 11 ppl and after they killed me, they spam shit that I wrote before.

So now question: How are you going to kill 700 EK if not on spam? You're going to headshot me with 11k hp with 11 people attacking me? Ofc not, you will just spam tera hur and gran frigo hur and ofc 700 EK can't outheal 10 ppl spamm 2x waves.
Ofc that high lvl EK can die only by SPAM, in order to 1 shot that lvl EK you need like 40 ppl UE combo lulz.

This is how clueless you guys are about this game so next time do this 🤔🤔🤔 before you say anything.

This msg is for following clueless players:
Pendejo aka HSK
Wannabe some1 aka Szoffer
Ring exe aka parcel on RP darashia client 12 like 5 sqm on boat in 3 sec aka Trampek
Verdi aka 5:0
And rest...

Kind Regards,
Flawless aka L2P
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