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New member
Nov 16, 2020
To be fair and realistic, each WM-guild strives for "dominando" in relation to other WM-guilds. BUT, if one team gets dominando, either by cheer numbers or activity, and thus, preventing enemies from playing the game, the only players left playing will be the beloved RPGers of OTs and the dominando guild.

This in effect, will turn the server into a true RPG-server with 0 warmodes and some random pk from time to time, is this the aim for you guys? To mainly RPG on an OT? I thought the main idea, especially for WM-guilds, is to exp up characters to later play in wars with?

Who will you war against if all you do is preventing the other side to compete with you? Food for thought!

I'm not criticizing any side here, but ask urself what your goal is in playing OTs and why you left Gunzodus for Ezodus o_O