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Bugged log out.

Potezny Maczeciarz

New member
Dec 22, 2019
Hello. I've found a bug while my gaming.
I was going to log out, and i pressed ctrl + q, and I logged out for sure.
After 2 hours i logged in, and i was in temple, killed by 250 rp.
The log out bug. It's not big deal, because i lost like 50% of level.
If it's possible to check what happened, I would be happy.
I think that I logged out and my character bugged, and were still in game.
Im never doing x logs.

I am kinda angry, lets see what can we do with it, or if we can do anything.
My nickname is Potezny Maczeciarz, the 435 MS.
Cheers and have a nice evening.
See You soon.


Jun 26, 2019
i got same problem, after i get trap i turn off my monitor, i wait 2min and when i turn it on my character dies, gm fix this plx @Vallais ,cunt
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