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Lord Mark

Nov 6, 2020
As we all know, some quests and/or mechanics in this OTS differ from global tibia, the pourpose of this guide is to clear most questions regarding quests/access'/bosses.
Feel Free to give any feedback and/or suggestions for content that is missing/wrong

Grand Master Oberon

Level required to access is 250

Tibia fandom link: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Grand_Master_Oberon
Access is free and the mechanics (texts) are this
Grand Master OberonReply
The world will suffer for its idle laziness!Are you ever going to fight or do you prefer talking!
People fall at my feet when they see me coming!Even before they smell your breath?
I will remove you from this plane of existence!Too bad you barely exist at all!
Dragons will soon rule this world, I am their herald!Excuse me but I still do not get the message!
I lead the most honourable and formidable following of knights!Then why are we fighting alone right now?
You appear like a worm among men!How appropriate, you look like something worms already got the better of!
This will be the end of mortal men!Then let me show you the concept of mortality before it!
The true virtues of chivalry are my belief!Dare strike up a Minnesang and you will receive your last accolade!

The most common entrance is this one (edron) but theres also an entrance thru Zao(Farmine)1618780692154.png

Lions (Drume, fugue, ancient lion knight)
Level required: 250
Location: Edron
Access to the island is open.
The order to unlock all bosses is 1. Fugue 2. Drume 3. Ancient Lion Knight.
There is no special mechanic for any of this.

Entrance Location: Edron
Scarlett Etzel/Cobra Bastion
Level required 250
Access to the island is open.
In order to unlock Scarlett you must defeat the minibosses in the current order:
1. Gaffir 2. Custodian 3. Guard Captain Quaid. Killing this 3 minibosses in order will unlock the access to scarlett, on how to kill her use this

Location Ankrahmun/Darashia

Faceless Bane & Dream Courts Bosses:
Level Required 250
Easy boss that drops good items, you can find him in the bottom of the POH spectre palace (buried cathedral, https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Buried_Cathedral ). After defeating this boss you unlock the access to the deep summer palace, which gives u the access to this bosses

Their respective mechanics and general info are here https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/The_Dream_Courts_Quest#The_Dream_Scar ,,, but you can also look for a youtube video for each of them which is easier to follow.
King Zelos / Grave Danger
Level required: 250
This quest doesnt require any access/npc interaction, you start by killing the minibosses mentioned down.
In order to kill King Zelos you have to kill all the other mini bosses that are part of Grave Danger Quest, this being: Count Vlarkorth, Lord Azaram, Earl Osam, Sir Baeloc and Sir Nictros, Duke Krule and Scarlett Etzel.
Each one has their respective mechanic which you can look up in youtube or follow https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Grave_Danger_Quest/Spoiler
Level required: 0
This one doesnt require access and you can find him in issavi here
Feaster of souls
Level required: 250 but ill recommend to be higher for this one as the flymsis and bosses hit pretty hard
This quest unlock the access to several hunting ground and some bosses (Unaz the Mean, Irgix the Flimsy and Vok the Freakish and the team bosses Brain Head, Thaian, The Unwelcome, The Dread Maiden, The Fear Feaster and The Pale Worm.)
Also completing this quest gives u access to Soul War Quest.
The mechanics of the quest are 100% as in here https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Feaster_of_Souls_Quest/Spoiler So just follow this guide
Level Required: 0

You dont need lion's rock to start this quest
To start this quest you must go to Daniel Steelsoul in edron and say "hi curse yes" after that he will order you to go kill the 5 wereleaders.
After you have killed them, report back to Daniel Steelsoul and follow the spoiler https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Grimvale_Quest/Spoiler#An_Ancient_Feud

Post any other quest/access that are missing or you consider important and ill add it,
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Mar 20, 2021
You can add information about Leiden (AB boss) and Waroznes, sincd they are all quite common bosses here.


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Oct 24, 2020
Very good job!
Btw. Maybe you can also add gold bosses guide please :D
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