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    Exercise weapon

    You don't even need special bot. You can use a basic macro program that cycles through fixed commands or just figure out how to do it on OTclientv8. It will take you a short while to get a handle on it. Once you have it working, things will be easier. Just a little effort in the start.
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    summer update

    I've been waiting to hear this! Supply stash is an absolute must. It will save time and clutter! Preparation for before and after hunts will be much smoother after this.
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    So people can't have an opinion or want to improve the server except to bot? You've got the maturity of a five year old and it shows in your arguments.
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    Gaffir Fire Spot

    This isn't a bug. If something works a particular way and Cipsoft doesn't remove it, then it isn't a bug. It's working as intended. You have committed yourself to making a server which is as close to rl as possible. That means including all things, whether or not you think it is a bug. These are...
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    Exp knight

    Carlin Cults. Edron weres. Hive.
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    ~Big opening 20 - Mystery BoX~ Bilekhg's ~Billi The Slasher~

    Nice. Thanks for the video.
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    Cant sell on market

    Move everything you want to sell into DP (including items in inbox) and then relog. Works every time. Edit: Just saw your second post. My only other suggestion is to send me all the items. I'll sell them for you ;)
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    English Channel Flooded with Advertisements

    This has been the state of the English chat for the past few days, as well as other chats. I wonder why no one has done anything. It's extremely fishy. Anyways, if anyone gives even 1 single fuck (just one little itty bitty fuck), please mute this guy.
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    The spell max hit chance

    Ya got schooled, boiiiiiiii. Also, I don't think damage works the way you're suggesting at all - like if you hit max, you won't hit max again for X minutes or something. Hitting max or min, as Vallais said, is just a matter of probably. It's not as if the server keeps a memory of your last max...
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    Backpack Imbu

    This is a good recommendation. +1
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    Can't login on character

    Bro. Log out one character. You can't have more than 4 online at a time. Edit: Didn't read the text above the image. Maybe restart your devices?
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    Gut Charm (new issue)

    You mean that one fucking pally who keeps stealing my knight's kills on minirosha is also benefting from my loot prey!!!
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    crit reworked?

    It just occured to me that I've never actually seen my pally crit on mas san...or if it did, the damage was probably so minimal I didn't notice. But I did notice that mas san damage is consistently high normally, so it more than balances out.
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    Cobra Vizier and cobra poisoning

    What's this death parry business? Can anyone explain the mechanics?
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    Killing the Training Monk

    They're not healing like they should be.
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    Sell Char with Still acces in Houses

    Is this a bug? If you sell a character, you sell everything along with that character. I thought that was obvious.
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    Full Winterupdate?

    I would really like to see DP stash and inventory search. Is that possible? Loot is becoming unmanageable.
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    Questiom about quest

    Kissing pigs.
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    Why NPC got 1-2 seconds delay?

    Damn! You could do so much with the extra two seconds, like solve world hunger and end all wars. Too bad. :/
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    Urmahlullu boss

    I think what's trying to be said is that the overrall HP is the same both here and on rl Tibia. It's just that there are multiple HP bars instead of one.