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    Abusing PVP Exp

    Hiya, i've received report about guy who's abusing pvp exp, Microphone Murder. Guy has been killing Night Watch.
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    Dwarven Legs Quest + Firewalker Boots Quest

    Hiya guys, recently i've received quite a lot questions about Dwarven Legs Quest so i've decided to make this wanna be a tutorial. And sorry for my english :p. 1) To do this quest you have to have at least 100 level (recommended lvl 130~), Golden Mug, shovel or substitute of this. 2) We start...
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    You cannot sell this character due to security reasons.

    Hey there, since friday players has been reporting bug at Auction Houe. Bug it looks like that. @Vallais
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    Spanish Chat

    @GunZ @Vallais Hey guys how about we make chat for Spanish/Latino people at least at Gunzo?
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    Market Bug

    I've made this topic for player Michas
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    English/Polish chat

    Heeya, how about adding buy/sell/need/lf as bad words for English/Polish chat. Right now its such a mess on those chats.