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    can u make feedback again? ty from the mountain translate for rats: oddaj kase dzieki z gory
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    Separate OT server equal to Gunz and Ezo but client 12 only

    I think the best option is delete tibia and play other better games but as u want boomers translate for puncherfaust: umyj dupe staremu
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    @PVP GOD MODE 19 umyj dupe staremu
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    Sell Char with Still acces in Houses

    change aleta sio permissions........................
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    Another Time Abusing of Weakness of the Server

    nerf cobra :) a lot of guys have scripts from ksieciu for this resp @PVP GOD MODE 19 do grobu kurwo
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    I don't want to ban again, can you help me?

    stfu santos u braindead liar, dont unban him
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    its ots not real, this proposal is not big deal
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    @Vallais Will u do something with aleta sio? I mean why people on aleta sio can take items from house? They'r only "guests"... :(
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    wrong price charms

    Subject: Price charms My Answer: its ots <- reply to subject (imo price is ok) Subject: Elemental Charms does not work properly <- Other topic to argue Regards
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    Exp rate: 8-500 -> 100x 500-x -> 0,1x go
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    Warmode ezodus Peaky Blinders vs Gunzodus Do Dechy

    @qaeda ty zdjecie plecow wpierdalasz na forum bo jestes gejem i szukasz partnera czy po prostu jestes rozjebany od urodzenia?
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    Looking for a guild focused on quests/hunts

    public enemy best rpg guild
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    Ideas to attract teams

    its rpg server bro